Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at the Information School, University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am also an affiliated faculty member of the Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies, and Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA). Prior to this, I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa and Simmons University. I study science, scholarship, and the scientific workforce using massive data to inform decision-making in science policy and to better understand the doing of science. I teach in the areas of information technology, database management, statistical data analysis, data interoperability, information visualization, and research methods. I got my Ph.D. in Information Science (minor in Statistics) from the School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Bloomington.

I am looking for highly-motivated Ph.D. students to work on cutting-edge problems in the science of science, scientific workforce diversity, scholarly data mining & analytics, and science policy. Students with interests and background in NLP, statististics, sociology, and information science are welcome to apply. Please contact me by email if you are interested.

I am a member of the Metascience Research Lab at UW-Madison!

Selected Publications

Chaoqun Ni, Elise Smith, Haimiao Yuan, Vincent Larivière,& Cassidy R. Sugimoto
Journal of Informetrics
Zhiya Zuo, Kang Zhao, Chaoqun Ni
Vincent Larivière,Chaoqun Ni,Yves Gingras,Blaise Cronin & Cassidy R. Sugimoto
Cassidy R Sugimoto, Chaoqun Ni, Jevin D West, Vincent Larivière
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Cassidy R Sugimoto, Vincent Lariviére, Chaoqun Ni, Blaise Cronin
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Chaoqun Ni, Cassidy R Sugimoto, Jiepu Jiang
More publications...


4230 Helen C. White Hall (map)
600 N Park Street, Madison, WI 53706


Fall 2021
LIS 751: Database Management

LIS 707: Data Visualization and Communication for Decision Making

Spr 2022
LIS 751: Database Management

LIS464: Applied Database Design

Office hours

No regular office hours currently; Please request appointments by email.


**I recently got an NSF grant to study the mobility and retention of HBCU faculty!

**I am currently looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students to work with me. Please send me an email if you are interested.**